Mga Picture ni Fr. Ferdinand "Ferdi" Santos, Viral ngayon sa Social Media!

Kinagiliwan at kinatuwaan ang ilang edited photos ng isang pari sa social media matapos na ibahagi ito sa Father Ferdinand "Ferdi" Santos sa kanyang facebook account. Matapos na mag-viral ang mga larawan ay kinumpira din ni Fr. Ferdi na edited lamang ang mga larawan na ibinahagi niya. Ayon kay Fr. Ferdi, in-edit umano ng kanyang kapatid na si Jeremiah ang kanyang mga larawan para pagmukhaing bata.

Si Fr. Ferdi ay isang licensed fitness instructor with doctorate degree in Philosophy at Professor of Philosophy & Theology. Siya rin ay isang former Rector of St. John Vianney Seminary sa Florida USA at nagbalik dito sa Pilipinas.

Narito ang ilang komento ng mga netizens:

"Welcome back father .hope ur personality father encourage people to go church and listening good new of God"

"Parang artista! Ilayo ka sa temptations, Father. We ask Mama Mary to take care of you, St. Joseph to guide you, and Jesus to help you fulfill your mission."

"Thank you Father Ferd for leaving every thing behind and chose to follow and serve God. Be praying that God will always guide , protect and shield you from temptations."

"Why so handsome, Fr.? Hoping that you will persevere in your vocation. I hope you will not fall into temptation of the flesh. God bless you and may God cover you with His most precious blood and Mama Mary's mantle of protection."

"True! Lets pray for this priest to lead and inspire more people towards Holiness. Its a grave sin to tempt a priest, the sad thing is you will never be happy because sin never gives you joy. Lets pray for all priests to live a holy life, and pray for all the tempters for their conversion. Amen."

"We are praying for your father's protection from temptation. Your physical appearance has the potential to draw others closer to God and to serve as an instrument of the Lord in spreading the gospel. Father, may God bless you."

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