Isang Masipag na Ama sa Misamis Oriental, Masayang Nakapagtapos ng Kolehiyo!

Viral ngayon ang larawan ng isang masipag na ama mula sa Misamis Oriental. Kinilalang si Tatay Jerome Velez ang matagumpay na nakapagtapos na pag-aaral sa kolehiyo. Siya ay nakapagtapos ng kolehiyo sa Tagoloan Community College noong Hunyo 17.

Ibinahagi ni Ading Salvane (batchmate ni Tatay Jerome) ang kwento ng buhay ng kanyang kaklase na pinagsasabay ang paghahanap-buhay ay pag-aaral.

Sa unang bahagi ng kwento ni Salvane ay sinabi nito kung paano sila unang nagkakilala, " I met him on my 3rd year in college on one of my class during Saturdays. He asked me if I knew how to answer our seatwork and apologized for asking about it. When I looked at him, he was very tired and shaking (maybe because of hungër). He was a very shy person. He doesn't look at you straight in the eye when he talks and will always bow down his head while walking."

Kinwento din niya kung gaano kasipag na mag-aaral at ama si Tatay Jerome, "He is a family man. He has 4 kids and he is proud to say that all of them goes to school. He works in the day and goes to school at night. When I say he works, he works real hard. He once worked as a maintenance in the pineapple fields of del monte. Imagine the scorching heat of the sun or the cold pour of the rain yet he still managed to go to school at night. "

"He also work as a carpenter, a farmer, a laborer - he can be anything as long as it allows him to earn money and provide for his family. He rented a piece of land and cultivated it all by himself in order to provide for his family. When I say all by himself, it means he's alone in a hectare of land from 4 o'clock in the morning till 5 o'clock in the afternoon."

Nangamba din umano si Tatay Jerome nang pumasok sa ating bansa ang pand3mya at inisip niya kung paano siya makakapagtapos, "When the C0VID -19 Pand3mic hït us, he was worried if he will be able to sustain since wala syang facebook and wala syang android phone to go online. Their place has a very båd reception na dili gani nako sya ma contact usahay. I simply told him "mag enroll lagi ta ya. Gamay nalang kaayo. Mu graduate lagi ta". Through the collaborative efforts of our classmates, we were able to have him answer all his modules even if it means passing it beyond the deadline. I am so thankful to our instructors for accepting all his outputs."

"Why am I sharing Kuya Jerome's story? Simply because it is worth celebrating. He never gave up of his dream and worked hard to make it real. I am proud of him and I hope you are too," pahayag ni Salvane.

"This graduation is not just for the intelligent nor the diligent students. This graduation is also for those who never let go of their dreams despite of how long will it take or how hard will it go," dagdag pa nito.

"TO ALL THE WORKING STUDENTS, SELF SUPPORTING STUDENTS, SINGLE MOMS AND DADS, STUDENT MOMS AND DADS, and to YOU who never gave up on your dream, CONGRATULATIONS and you did well. Continue striving hard for the greater glory of the lord."

"May Kuya Jerome be a constant reminder that if all of us will just work hard and be faithful to God, nothing is impossible."

"SPECIAL THANKS to Tcc Bsba batch 2021 for allowing Kuya Jerome have his photo taken. From the wardrobe, to the pictorial payment and for the cash gift. Thank you all so much."

"Congratulations Batch 2020 and Batch 2021"

BATCH 2021


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