Watch | Traffic Enforcer sa Maynila, Sibak sa Pwesto matapos Manghuli ng Motorista Kahit Walang Violation!

Viral ngayon sa social media ang video kung saan makikita ang paghuli ng traffic enforcer ng Maynila sa isang motorista. Ibinahagi ito ni Miguel Vistan sa kanyang facebook account noong Mayo 22. Ayon kay Miguel, pinagpipilitan ng traffic enforcer na gumawa umano si Miguel ng violation (passing thru red light) na kung mapapanood sa video ay malinaw na naka-green light ito nang siya ay dumaan hanggang sa makalagpas.

"Today is a very disappointing day. I got apprehended for a traffic violation for no reason, and the officer demanded to confiscate my license (also not even wearing a face shield). The man was so arrogant and proud of what he was doing, even though I presented to him the video of my dash cam, and explained that I didn't commit any violation, he still insisted. 

"HE WAS EVEN TRYING TO GET ME OUT OF MY CAR. Now I just want to try and warn everyone, that even though we are in the midst of this pandemic, there are still plenty of people trying to take advantage of their fellow Filipinos," pahayag ni Miguel sa kanyang facebook post.

"This is sir Efren Fria traffic enforcer positioned at the corner of ESPANA MACEDA, and attached to this post is the video of my "supposed violation", our encounter and talk(some parts weren't included), and also his very very proud picture that HE insisted I take, that he took my license,"
 ayon pa kay Miguel.

Sa video ay maririnig na pilit na pinapababa si Miguel ng traffic enforcer na sinasabing 'passing thru red light si Miguel.

"Please share to reach the proper authorities. Edit: also added to this post a 1 minute video. This video contains the footage of me passing another stop light (Quintos) before the Maceda intersection. For all the people commenting how i probably ran the red light there on the pedestrian crossing and didnt include it for my benefit. There you go,"
 dagdag pa nito sa kanyang post.

Panoorin ang naturang video sa facebook account ni Miguel:

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